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HMR Shakes put the smooth in smoothie! These rich, nutritious and filling shakes are the best shakes for weight-loss and weight management on the market. They blend into a low-calorie, creamy shake every time! Use as a meal replacement for higher calorie foods, a snack, or as a low-calorie treat. For recipe ideas, check out our healthy recipe collection. Get free shipping on all HMR orders over $225!

HMR 120 Shakes

HMR 120

Packaged in an canister with a single serving scoop with vitamins and minerals built right in!

$25.50 per canister

HMR 70 Plus Shakes

HMR 70 Plus

This is a lactose-free shake mix and it's super versatile, you can make shakes and puddings!

$47.00 per box

HMR 800 Shakes

HMR 800

Protein power! The HMR 800 Shakes have a whopping 16 grams of protein per serving (packet).

$44.25 per box

HMR 500 Shakes

HMR 500

This is the lowest-calorie shake option (and the original HMR Diet Shake) at just 100 calories per serving - it's an all time favorite!

$42.25 per box


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