Maria's Story

Maria lost 37 pounds with Healthy Solutions

“You need someone to teach you healthy habits because you want to change behaviors you’ve had for a lifetime.”

- Maria lost 37 Pounds using Healthy Solutions diet

Maria Lost 37 Pounds

"I have two kids. I work full time. My husband works full time. I'm always juggling ten things. And I struggled to find a weight loss program that fit my lifestyle."

"I'm a disciplined person. I need someone to hold me accountable. HMR's structure made it perfect for me. I loved that you were required to come to class, to call your Health Educator, to learn what foods you can or can’t eat."

With Healthy Solutions® Maria soon lost 37 pounds, got her blood pressure back to normal, and dropped three dress sizes. "I never thought I could be a size 6. I feel great!"

"That kind of weight loss doesn’t happen on your own. You need someone to teach you healthy habits because you want to change behaviors that you’ve had for a lifetime. That doesn'’t happen within 10 weeks." She adds that, "I think the key is deciding whether or not you want to do something quick that you’re not going to sustain, or do you really want to change your lifestyle and sustain it over a long period of time?"

Maria also raves about HMR foods. "I can put an entrée in the microwave and have lunch one minute later. It's incredible. And it’s less expensive than what I’d spend in the cafeteria or on fast food." *

* Results not typical but vary from person to person. IHM makes no claims that these results are representative of all patients in the IHM program.

HMR data from selected programs published or presented at medical conferences show average weight loss for Healthy Solutions is 35 - 40 lbs. Many people lose much more.