Debbie's Story

Debbie lost 46 pounds with Healthy Solutions

"HMR is more like a health program than a diet program. Losing all this weight makes me feel so much better!”

- Debbie lost 49 Pounds using In-Clinic Healthy Solutions

Debbie Lost 49 Pounds

"I tried just about anything you can come up with. Several times, I lost the weight, but as soon as I would get off the diet, I would put it back on. These diets were just quick fixes, very limited, just a temporary way to lose weight."

Frustrated with dieting, Debbie made a vow to try one last program - HMR.

"HMR is more like a health program than a diet program. The emphasis is on the positive, not the negative. HMR doesn’t say, ‘don’t, don’t, don’t.’ They say ‘do, do, do.’ They tell me what I can eat, what I can do, and what the benefits are. There’s a lot of research and data to support the program."

Debbie attributes her success to a new way of thinking about food, plus the incredible support of her HMR team. "I love the people at HMR. They're trained and they help you problem solve. With other diet programs, you go to class, you weigh in, and you leave. You say, 'I'll do better next time and they clap and say, 'okay.' Then I wouldn't do it. They don't hold you accountable like HMR. There's not that one-on-one. There's just no comparison."

Everyone has a responsibility to take care of their body, to do the best they can with their health. Of all the programs I tried, HMR is the healthiest. It’s especially important as I get older. I want to be around to be with my family as long as I can." *

* Results not typical but vary from person to person. HMR makes no claims that these results are representative of all participants in the HMR program.

Average weight loss for the program that Debbie did, in-clinic Healthy Solutions is 28-37.5lbs. based on research studies conducted in people who completed between 12-26 weeks. HMR paid for Debbie’s travel and wardrobe for a photo shoot.