Amber's Story

Amber lost 100 pounds with Healthy Solutions

"I hid under my clothes for 15 years. Now I can go into any store, try on a size 8, and it fits.”

- Amber lost 100 Pounds using Healthy Solutions diet plan

Amber Lost 100 Pounds

"Life happens and you're in denial about your weight," she recalls. "You buy bigger and bigger clothes and say, 'I'm not that big.' Then you see a photo of yourself and you're like - 'Woah! That's me?'"

"I've tried diets, but there’s a little too much flexibility with your choices. I didn't have the discipline to say no to some of the food choices."

"I didn't expect to be able to eat as much as I did because on all the other diets, I was limited on how much I could eat. But with HMR, I could eat all day long...every two - three hours, and that’s pretty much what I did to stay full. I wasn't nearly as tempted as I had been on other diets."

"I was a size 24, shopping at plus size stores. Now, I can go to any store and a size 8 fits. I used to feel like there was a thin person inside of me, trapped under all this weight. "

"Now, it's like I've emerged from a cocoon and I'm a butterfly. It's exciting. It's fun. And I tell people, 'If I can do it, you can, too.'" *

* Results not typical but vary from person to person. IHM makes no claims that these results are representative of all patients in the IHM program.

HMR data from selected programs published or presented at medical conferences show average weight loss for Healthy Solutions is 35 - 40 lbs. Many people lose much more.