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HMR Clinic Programs

HMR Clinic Program | San Diego

San Diego’s original HMR Program!

At the HMR Clinic in San Diego, we offer HMR foods and weight-loss programs. You'll learn the “how-to’s” of weight-loss, including easy ways to reduce calories without feeling hungry, and simple strategies to build physical activity. And, you'll work with your Health Coach for accountability, support and personalized strategies. Plus, our medical staff will monitor your progress and provide periodic blood analysis (if necessary).

With our simple diet programs combined with lifestyle education, coaching and medical support...we can help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Call us at 619.297.8640 or schedule your free consult today!

Simple Diet Programs


No complicated formulas or counting calories - just simple diet strategies, coaching, support, and portion-controlled, low-calorie HMR Food options that pave the way to success.

Affordable Weight Loss


A recent study showed that HMR participants saved money while losing weight. Data showed an
average weekly savings of $29.00 on food and a savings of $1,460 on medications in the first year!

Weight Loss Results


Lose twice the weight, in half the time! Compared to published data from other commercial diet programs, HMR’s published data show two times more weight loss, in less than half the time!

Why HMR?
Health Management Resources® (HMR) is the leader in medical weight-loss programs and foods, recommended by clinics, medical centers, and hospitals around the country. At IHM, we offer simple HMR diet programs that work...and, work for life! Our unique approach helps dieters lose weight while learning skills for a healthier lifestyle with long-term results.

Ranked in US News & World Report as a Best Diet in 2015. Read more...

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