Looking for a new HMR Shake recipe? Or, a way to spice up your HMR Entree? Look no further! And, because weight management can taste good...we also offer a variety of recipes made from scratch using healthy ingredients! Here are the latest recipes from our collection:

Tomato and Bean Baked Potato

Tomato and Bean Baked PotatoDo you remember when we categorized potatoes with servings of pasta and rice? We know better now. We do better now! Potatoes of all varieties and colors provide our healthy tables with plentiful vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Read More

Cranberry Nut Cheesecake | HMR Pudding

Cranberry Nut Cheesecake | HMR Pudding RecipeThis rich, gorgeous “cheesecake” pudding will compete with even the most decadent dessert! Make an extra serving…your friends and family will want to share. Read More

Asian Noodle Salad

This Asian salad main dish is a refreshing break from heavy winter holiday entrees. The ingredients are primarily “usual suspects” that are found in your vegetable crisper or pantry all year long. I chose Soba noodles, made from buckwheat and whole wheat, for its firm texture, hearty flavor, high protein and dietary fiber. Japanese cooks traditionally serve soba noodles cold, dressed in a vinegary soy broth. Soba noodles can be found in the Asian sections of most grocery stores. Any slender noodle will do. Read More

Stuffed Baby Bellas

Use the HMR Mushroom Risotto Entree along with some extra seasonings a vegetables as a delicious stuffing for Baby Bella mushrooms! These baked up delights look great and taste fantastic! Read More

Farro Salad

farroThis colorful plate is a feast of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients. The base for the dish is an ancient, perhaps the most ancient grain, farro. Farro is gaining more popularity in culinary circles, but has always been a staple in Mediterranean countries, especially Italy. Read More

Party Cauliflower

Enjoy the snowy white cauliflower crop that is in season now. Choose a “head” with bright green leaves at the base and heavy weight. Color and weight indicate freshness, and the fresher the head, the sweeter the taste. Read More

Zucchini with Red Pepper Spread

This is such a simple, yet tasty appetizer for your holiday gatherings! All you need are 3 ingredients, and you are ready to put together a super festive looking snack that all your guests will enjoy. Read More

Sweet Potato with Vegetable Beef Stew

Sweet potatoes are a wonderful mix-in for your HMR Vegetable Stew entree (or any HMR Entree for that matter!). As our friend says…so many sweet potatoes, so little time! Read More

Hot Buttered Rum Tea (or Coffee)

The holiday celebrations scattered throughout the next few weeks have special aromas and flavors that we lovingly anticipate. Our local baristas brew tea and coffee drinks with our anticipation in mind. Hot buttered rum is a flavor that was brought to us from Europe many, many generations ago. Let’s honor our ancestors with a warm and healthy “toast” courtesy of HMR Shakes! Read More

HMR Risotto Stuffing

HMR Risotto StuffingHere it is…a deliciously “in the box” Thanksgiving stuffing recipe! We tasted this at the San Diego Clinic last week and everyone really enjoyed it. A few tasters thought a dash of hot sauce on top would give it a nice kick, so we added that as an optional ingredient. Happy Thanksgiving! Read More

Two Potato Whip

It’s time for the traditional Thanksgiving menu! This year consider a potato hybrid that is both savory and sweet and stands alone without sugary glazes or gravy. Read More

Autumn Antipasto Salad

Autumn Antipasto SaladBeautiful, fresh, easy and very, very healthy…this antipasto features fresh autumn squash and winter vegetables to boost fiber and antioxidants. You can ease the job by using the pre-cleaned and pre-cut microwavable packaged vegetables. Read More

Miso Soup

Miso Soup | HMR Clinic RecipeWarm up with a bowl of Miso Soup! It’s easy to make…just add some veggies and tofu to pre-made soup broth. Read More

Candied Popcorn

Candied-Popcorn | IHM RecipeThis healthy Halloween snack is ready in seconds. Enjoy the satisfying munchiness of popcorn dusted with a sugary spiced coating. It’s ready in seconds and there are no devilish ingredients left on the shelf to haunt you! Read More

Naked Apple Tart

Naked Apple TartCrisp, fresh apples are darlings of autumn cuisine. Tart Granny Smith apples are a great choice for baking because they retain shape and grow sweeter with baking. I have added a few table apples (crisp red apples that should be a centerpiece on your tables, ready to be grabbed and enjoyed) for added Read More