Diet & Exercise Tips

Realize Your Resolution!

January is the month for New Year’s Resolutions and new beginnings. New Year’s Resolutions often crumble by February or March, but by January many of us try again. Of course the most popular resolution of all is weight loss. Let’s focus on the steps to make the wish for successful weight management into a reality. Read More

To-Do Behaviors for the Holiday Season

Top three to-do behaviors for continued success this holiday season:
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Healthy Gift Giving Guide

Physical Activity Gifts:
Give healthy workout items, like a stability ball, gift certificate for dancing lessons or for a personal training session.

Healthy Eating Gift:
Steer clear of the traditional holiday treats, instead give a fruit basket, a subscription to a healthy cooking magazine or a subscription to a fruit of the month club.

Holiday Party Strategies

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us and so are the holiday parties! Enjoy your holiday parties the healthy way by having a solid eating and exercise plan before the party! Here are some “to do” HMR® strategies to get through your events with minimal calorie damage: Read More

Tips for Roasting Winter Squash

Tips for Roasting SquashThere are several different kinds of winter squash and many of them have a very unique taste. Butternut squash is probably the most popular squash and easiest to find. Acorn and spaghetti squash are also found in most food stores. Kabocha squash is delicious as well, but harder to find. Read More

Lose Weight and Save Money

Nobody wants to spend extra money right now. However, did you know that you could fill up on HMR diet foods each day for less than the cost of one restaurant meal? Since HMR foods are used in place of other (more expensive) meals and snacks you’re buying, you’ll end up spending less, while getting all the benefits of losing weight and getting healthier.

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Red Bell Pepper

Bell peppers have no “bite” at all, since they contain a recessive gene that eliminates capsaicin, the substance that makes chili peppers hot. Read More

Tips for Safe Summer PA

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Top Ten Tips for Summer Weight Management

Summer presents many unique opportunities (and unfortunately, if you’re traveling, some obstacles!) for weight management. Don’t let your weight and health take a vacation this summer with these helpful hints: Read More

Big Rewards from Physical Activity

More and more studies are revealing the benefits of regular physical activity on your health. Check out these just to name a few: Read More

Healthy Heart Strategies

Try the strategies listed below and if the strategy is a successful strategy for you, write it down on your strategies card. By doing this you can then develop a list of strategies that work best for you! Read More

To-Do Behaviors this Holiday Season

Top three to-do behaviors for continued success this holiday season: Read More

Butternut Squash

No traditional Thanksgiving season vegetable can outclass winter squash with its bountiful nutrients, fiber, rich color and versatility! Be sure to pick a heavy squash (not stored on the shelf for too long) that is unblemished, with a smooth, hard skin.

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Holiday Strategies from Patients

The holiday season is fast approaching! Check out these patient strategies for staying on track throughout the holidays: Read More

Halloween Battlegrounds

Halloween Battlegrounds | Coach Jeff's TipsHalloween is here and the holiday season has begun. It’s a mixed bag, both for many people and for many reasons. But there’s uniformity and consensus in one arena: weight and health management behaviors are the most difficult to execute this time of year. Read More