Diet & Exercise Tips

Weddings, Graduations, and Barbecues…Oh My!

Summer’s busy, food-centered social events could wreak havoc on your weight management goals, especially if you arrive hungry. Read More

Looking to Heat Up Your Fruit Servings this Summer?

Sure, you can always enjoy summer’s fruit bounty “as is,” but for a great change of pace, why not try grilling? Grilled fruit makes a tasty, elegant, and healthy dessert option, perfect for any barbecue! Read More

Traveling this Summer? Take Us With You!

HMR FoodsHMR meal replacements are the perfect summer companion while you’re traveling. Make the decision before you go to have shakes, soups, cereals and entrees with you for easy weight management, even on the road. Here are a few reasons you should take us with you when you travel:

  1. Convenience – HMR meal replacements don’t need refrigeration so you can just toss your entrees, shakes and cereal packets in your suitcase or carry-on bag. Carry them in your purse or backpack while you’re out sightseeing.
  2. Automatic Portion Control – Replacing just one or two meals or snacks a day while on vacation can make the difference between weight gain and weight maintenance this summer by helping you fill up without the calorie overload of “vacation” food.
  3. Read More

Leafy Greens – More is Better(TM)!

Leafy GreensSpring is a perfect season to revisit the superb selections of fresh, tender leafy greens available. Our farmers’ markets are great resources for fresh, tender, young greens. However, greens are plentiful at the grocery stores and many greens are pre-washed and packaged for our convenience. Read More

Deliciously Healthy Leafy Greens

Leafy GreensLeafy greens should be a delicious part of your daily vegetable intake, not only for the super list of nutrients that they have, but also because they’re versatile and they taste great!  Many of us include the standard romaine and iceberg lettuce in our salads. Read More

5 Benefits of Eating Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and VeggiesYou know that you should be eating more fruits and vegetables, but have you really thought about why? As we wrap up March as National Nutrition Month, we want to share just 5 great benefits of adding fruits and vegetables to your healthy diet! Read More

Let’s Move: Eat more fruits and veggies!

Lets MoveFirst Lady Michelle Obama’s new initiative, Let’s Move, calls for a new awareness of the things we can do to help end the epidemic of childhood obesity in our country. The web site includes information and resources for parents, educators and community leaders to do their part in making this initiative a success. Read More

Let’s move: Be more active!

Lets MoveA major component of Michelle Obama’s new Let’s Move initiative is physical activity for the family. Finding time to exercise is a challenge for everyone, so it’s important to start out slowly by building consistency and momentum so that physical activity becomes a non-negotiable part of your day. Read More

Let’s Move: Maintaining a Healthy BMI

We recently posted on First Lady Michelle Obama’s new initiative to tackle the problem of childhood obesity called Let’s Move. If you’ve been thinking about ways to have a positive impact on your child’s health, maintaining a healthy BMI is a great place to start. Read More

Let’s Move!

First Lady Michelle Obama recently announced her ambitious initiative, Let’s Move, to take on the country’s epidemic of childhood obesity. Emphasizing the vital need for a national intervention, a study was published last week Read More

Valentine’s Day Healthy Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is almost here, but there’s still plenty of time to plan for a healthy, romantic celebration. While you may be tempted to splurge on chocolate “just this once” or give in to the candy by “just having one”, why not practice a new, healthy tradition for the holiday. Read More

Go Red for Women!

National Wear Red Day is Friday, February 5, 2010

Wear red to help raise awareness about heart disease, the number 1 killer of women in America. Take the Go Red Heart CheckUp to find out if you’re at risk for heart disease at http://www.goredforwomen.org

Super Bowl Party Tips

Vegetable Chips and DipsThe big game is almost here…our big question is what are you serving at the Super Bowl party? Finger foods and appetizers are inevitable, but making sure they’re effective for managing your weight is something that has to be planned. Read More

Big Rewards from Physical Activity

More and more studies are revealing the benefits of regular physical activity on your health. Check out these benefits just to name a few: Read More

A New Year for Exercise!

Let the New Year be filled with new exercise opportunities! You can actually slow down the aging process, improve your health, and decrease your stress by sampling some of the activities listed below: Read More