Diet & Exercise Tips

Ready for a Fresh Start?

Whether you want to lose more weight or maintain your weight loss, we can help with a range of options for every budget. Get the RESULTS you want, with the SUPPORT you need. Which option is right for you? Read More

Which HMR Shake is Right for Me?

Are you buying HMR shakes for the first time and unsure of what to order? Maybe you’ve been using the same shakes for a while and wondering if you should be using a different shake? Whatever the case, we’re here to help you choose the right shake for you! Read More

Buy and Eat!

In our last post, Shop and Chop, we gave you some easy tips to start building the habit of keeping your environment ready for success. While you’re building that habit, here’s an even easier idea to add to your list of successful strategies for environmental control: buy foods that are already prepped for you! It may cost you a bit more to buy these pre-chopped fruits and veggies, but if it encourages you to eat them, rather than letting them waste in the fridge, then it will be money well spent. Read More

Shop and Chop!

Building healthy habits for weight management takes planning! Getting in your daily servings of fruits and vegetables is no exception. One of our favorite planning strategies is a weekly “shop and chop”! This means shopping for fruits and vegetables and chopping, or prepping, them as soon as you get them home. Use this strategy and you’ll have ready-to-go fruits and vegetables available during your busy week! Read More

The Gift of Winter Squash

There is much more to winter squash than beautiful packaging. Did you know that most winter squash is higher in potassium per serving than bananas and potatoes? Squash are also rich in cancer-fighting substances known as phytochemicals and may help to protect your immune system.

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Roasting Veggies

A simple and easy way to enjoy vegetables is to roasting them. Roasting brings out the wonderful flavor and texture of vegetables and makes a great addition to salads, soups and dips. It’s also a great strategy to roast enough vegetables so that you have leftovers for a few days. Keep them in the refrigerator and then you have an easy side dish for an entrée during the week!  Read More

Intercept those Super Bowl Party Calories!

Vegetable SnacksA good defense is always a winning game plan when it comes to weight management, especially when it’s time for the Super Bowl Party! So, let’s tackle those official party snacks, finger foods and appetizers, with some strategies aimed at intercepting those extra Super Bowl Party calories: Read More

How much exercise do you need?

There’s no such thing as a wasted workout. Any amount or type of exercise is a step forward. The question becomes is your level of exercise matching up with your goals? Read More

Top Five Tips to Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

The following strategies can help you keep your New Year’s diet resolution: Read More

Holiday Tips: Cutting Calories in Half

The facts behind the fat and the holidays: Many Americans gain extra weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. We overeat during the holiday and promise to go on a diet after the New Year; it is probably the most popular New Year’s resolution. It has been estimated that as many as 50% of Americans begin diets in the New Year. Read More

Why More Is Better™

“More is Better” is a unique concept that applies to many aspects of the HMR® Program. The more you do, the better your weight and health management – whether referring to meal replacements, fruits and vegetables, or physical activity. The most surprising aspect of this concept is that participants can eat more food and still lose weight! Read More

Make it a Healthy Holiday!

Every year at this time we face the same challenges — holiday parties around every corner, the sweets seem to come out of the woodwork, and who has time for exercise? No wonder people tend to gain weight. However, you can use the tools of the HMR Program to get through this holiday season with your weight (and health) in check. Try these on for size:
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Feel the Need for (Short Bursts of) Speed!

If you’re looking for a boost to your calorie burn, try adding just a few short, fast-paced bursts of speed (called intervals) to your regular walking, biking, swimming, or other aerobic routine. During higher intensity exercise intervals, more muscle fibers get worked, burning more calories even after you’ve completed your session. Read More

Been Away from the Program for a While?

You Can Still “Work” the Program! This summer, even if you’re not ready to come back to a “formal” weight loss class, we have lots of flexible options that can work for YOU: Read More