Diet & Exercise Tips

Cheers to a Healthy Holiday!

During the winter holiday season it’s easy to get caught up in managing the “not to do” behaviors (e.g. “don’t eat so many holiday cookies!”). But consider, instead, that this is the season to focus all your attention on managing the “to do” behaviors. In fact, the More is Better™ strategy is never more important than in the upcoming months! Read More

Exercise your way to better health

Blood PressureHere’s some good news for people with high blood pressure: regular exercise lowers your blood pressure. Both the systolic (the first number in a blood pressure measurement) and diastolic (the second number) values may drop as much as 10 points after just a few weeks of regular physical activity. Read More

Watch the Pounds “Fall” Away!

Fall is a great time to make some healthy lifestyle changes, and the HMR San Diego Weight Management Center is the perfect place to do it! Our professional staff will teach you and support you in learning the skills you’ll need to live a healthier life and maintain a healthier weight. In addition, we’ll focus on helping you lose weight in time for the holiday season. Read More

Big Health Benefits in Very Little Time with Intervals

An interval is a short burst of increased exercise intensity incorporated into a regular moderate-intensity workout. Higher intensity interval training can help you burn more calories in the same amount of time. Read More

Video: Top Tips for Adding Variety to HMR Shakes

It’s easy to create hundreds of deliciously different and filling HMR Shake recipes by adding no-cal or low-cal flavorings. Stay on the diet longer and lose even more weight with these great ideas for adding variety!

Read More

Fuel up for your PA!

It seems like it takes enough energy just to plan to get to the gym to work out, but to prevent low energy and get the most out of your time at the gym, it may help to have a small snack about a half hour prior to getting started. Large enough to give you energy, but small enough not to make you feel sluggish, you should choose a snack that includes carbohydrates, proteins, and even a little fat. This combination will give you the energy you need to get in a good workout and feel good the entire time. Read More

Take the Plunge!

Enjoy a summer cool down with water fitness! Aquatic exercises are a great way to enjoy the summer and burn some extra calories. And, most of the fitness activities you enjoy on land can be submerged for a “cooler”, fun, water activity. In fact, aqua jogging, water pilates and even aqua kickboxing are making a splash at your local fitness center. Read More


Mangos are a delicious way to add some color and variety to your daily diet. Whether you add them to a meal or eat them alone as a snack, you’ll be adding healthy vitamins, antioxidants and fiber into your diet with each tasty serving. Read More

Summertime Weight Management Tips

Enjoy the fun of summer without fearing the scale! Pick and choose from these strategies: Read More

This Speaks Volumes!

Here’s a powerful example of how easy it is to eat a very small amount of food by volume, yet still consume a very large amount of calories! Read More

Healthy Barbecue Strategies

Summer is here and that means it’s time to fire up the grill! With these simple strategies you can enjoy your summer barbecue in a healthy way! Read More

How to Make Your HMR Shakes Even More Delicious!

Unlike other “diet shakes,” HMR Vanilla and Chocolate Shakes are specially formulated for mixing in fruit, diet sodas, extracts, sugar-free syrups, and more. You can make a wide variety of delicious, low-calorie drinks and other treats, including: Read More

Why Should I Use Meal Replacements?

Published studies and references conclude that, on average, dieters using meal replacements lose and maintain 2½ – 3 times as much weight as those on traditional diets. More than 60 published studies have shown that no diets are more effective than those using meal replacements. Read More

Tasty Salad Dressing

Spring is in the air and with that comes the fabulous season of fruits and vegetables just perfect for making salads. But just because you’re trying to increase your veggies, doesn’t mean they have to be bland or topped with artificially flavored dressings! Read More

NEW! PB2: Delicious Peanut Butter Taste without the Fat and Calories

PB2A tasty and versatile powder “add in” to compliment any HMR meal replacement! Read More