Diet & Exercise Tips

Video: How the HMR Clinic Program Works

What sets HMR apart from other diet programs? Results! Watch Dr. James Early as he discusses the HMR Program in this video.

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Top 5 Tips for Achieving the Triple Imperative

The HMR Triple Imperative(TI) is in full swing…we are now in Week 2! We think its a good time to take a look at our Top 5 Tips for Achieving the TI:
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Spring Greens

Spring is a perfect season to re-visit the superb selections of fresh, tender leafy greens available. Our farmers’ markets are great resources for fresh, tender, young greens. However, greens are plentiful at the grocery stores and many greens are pre-washed and packaged for our convenience. Please give pre-washed, packaged greens a quick rinse before using. You may be surprised at the grit in the sink that is left behind! It’s best to store fresh leafy greens unwashed, wrapped in a damp towel and refrigerated in a plastic bag. This method will keep your greens well for several days. Wash thoroughly just before cooking. Read More

Potato Power

An extremely versatile and hardy vegetable, the potato also packs a punch nutritionally. Not only do these gems provide a great source of fiber, but they also give a dose of potassium. Potassium is a mineral that plays a role in many physiological functions such as nerve impulses, fluid balance and muscle contractions.

So, pick up the nutrients in delicious red potatoes by trying the Roasted Vegetable Salad Recipe!

Top 10 Flavor Tips

You can have low-calorie foods that are full of flavor and aroma! Our local chef, Chef Jack, has some helpful tips and techniques to help add flavor, aroma and texture to your cooking without adding lots of calories. Read More

Back off bunny…those carrots are mine!

Okay, so I’m not really going to fight the Easter Bunny for those carrots, but let me tell you, those bunnies have the right idea when it comes to this crunchy vegetable! These babies are nutritious and are also very versatile, they can be easily added to just about any dish. Aside from being a great crunchy snack (they are so good dipped in Hummus!)…they can be added to soups, salads, stir-fry’s, vegetable fajitas, and you can even add shredded carrots to your HMR Shake (Carrot Cake Smoothie anyone?)! Read More

Berry Good HMR Shake Tips!

It’s easy to enjoy a full serving of anthocyanin-rich berries with HMR Shakes or Hot Cereal! Read More

It’s Healthy Being Green

More than any other hue, green is the color of life. A green planet is a healthy planet, and all of this is made possible by the green pigment chlorophyll. Chlorophyll allows green grasses, trees, and plants to use the sun’s energy to generate food. Through photosynthesis, they convert carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates, and in the process they release oxygen into the air. Read More

Busting a Diet Myth: Why Eating at Night Doesn’t Really Matter

You may have heard the dieting strategy of cutting off all calories after a certain hour, say 7:00 or 8:00 at night. Does it really make a difference to your weight when you eat your calories? Check out this HMR article, Myth Buster: Why Eating After 8:00 Doesn’t Matter, explaining the flaws in this strategy, and other ways to handle the night-time munchies.

Finding the Best Beats to Power Up Your Exercise

Did you know the music you listen to while you exercise may make a difference in the quality and length of your workout? Read More

JANUARY is Resolutions Month

Losing weight and getting healthier are popular, yet very broad resolutions. If you have a lot of weight to lose, it can feel even more overwhelming not knowing where to begin. The good news is that the HMR Program for Weight Management is here to help. With an emphasis on healthy lifestyle education along with proven diet options, the staff will help you learn some simple strategies you can use to achieve both of your weight and health goals simultaneously. Call 619.297.8640 for more information and class schedules.

Thanksgiving “In the Box” Menu

Thanksgiving….this calorie-dense, food-centric holiday can wreak havoc on your weight-loss efforts! Keep your diet on track with this perfect Decision-Free “In the Box” Thanksgiving menu: Read More

Turkey Tips Cutting Thanksgiving Calories in Half

Many people gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. We overeat during the holidays and promise to go on a diet after the New Year. However, it is possible to avoid adding extra pounds during the holiday season. Read More

Trick or Treat Survival Tips

Halloween can be a scary time for weight management. Our HMRdiet online community shared how they successfully manage Halloween candy. Here are some of their top tips: Read More

A Pineapple a Day Can Keep You Doing PA

If you ever find yourself sidelined by an injury, consider eating pineapple to speed the healing process. Along with R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), new research suggests that bromelain, the enzyme found in pineapple, may help injuries heal more smoothly.
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