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Posted on November 20th, 2015
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Top 10 Reasons to stay active in HMR at Home over the holiday seasonWe talk a lot about being prepared as a way to ensure your success in weight management, and planning your meals is no exception. Meal planning is important so that you are always ready with a healthy lunch and dinner so there is no need to resort to a quick pizza delivery or drive thru meals. These are our best meal planning tips to help you get started.

10. Keep your weight management success going while everyone else is gaining weight!
In Phase 1, protect your “in the box” weight loss momentum, and keep the holidays free from the typical high calorie food temptations. In Phase 2, actively practice your skills in eating healthy foods to displace traditional high calorie choices.

9. There’s always Phase 2
Are the holidays not the right time to be in the Phase 1 “box”? Consider transitioning to Phase 2 and actively problem-solve not gaining weight during this “eating season”. Be sure to check out the videos concerning how to do Phase 2 in the MyIHM section of our website. You can always ReStart Phase 1 in January!

8. You CAN have Pumpkin Pie…as long as it’s the HMR way!
You can eat as much of this Pumpkin Pie recipe as you like (made using the HMR Cereal and pumpkin puree) and still be on your program! It’s important to find tasty, low calorie desserts to fend off those high calorie traditions. Being part of the program reinforces your commitment to sampling these delicious treats.

7. You’ll discover and indulge in healthier Thanksgiving recipes!
You can indulge in great Thanksgiving recipes while supporting your healthy lifestyle. Celebrating the holiday using new and healthier recipes can be fun! Take a look at these menu ideas for Thanksgiving.

6. It’ll help you stay Physically Active
When you’re in the program, it’s easier to stay focused on problem solving your goal of 2000+ exercise calories a week, especially during the busy holiday season. Even small frequent bouts of exercise produce important health benefits!

5. You’ll regularly weigh in – a winning strategy for weight management!
When you’re in the program, you keep weighing in. The National Weight Control Registry, an ongoing research study that includes people who have lost at least 30 lbs. and kept if off for at least one year, provides insights into what it takes to successfully manage ones weight. One key strategy is regular self-weighing, a behavior which can be most challenging during the holiday season. Staying active in HMR will keep you “confronting the scale”.

4. Reduce Holiday Stress!
Given all the happy images of the holiday season, it is for most people somewhat difficult and stressful. Staying in control of your diet and physical activity by remaining active in HMR at Home, will reduce this stress and minimize your decisions. Fewer decisions plus better choices equals a happier holiday!

3. Keep your “eye on the ball”
Successful weight management requires us to keep our “heads in the game”. It’s not about always being perfect. But it is about getting in the habit of staying on track. The holiday season is a time that challenges us, but staying active in HMR at Home will help to turn it into a “winning season”.

2. Get a Jump Start on 2016!
In a few weeks a lot of people we all know will be trying to figure out how to get their diet and exercise programs started. Stay active in HMR at Home and come January, you will already be in high gear!

1. Choose HEALTH!
Recent surveys indicate that people are accepting higher weights as normal, and are less willing to diet if they have to change their lifestyle in order to improve their health. Stay active in HMR at Home this holiday season, and choose HEALTH!

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