Save Time and Calories with 3 Kitchen Strategies Print

Posted on July 27th, 2015
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Measure Cup OatmealTry out these simple kitchen strategies to save time and calories! Implementing small strategies like these can add up a big difference:

  1. Reorganize
    Sharing your refrigerator with others who may not be watching their calories can be challenging. If you find yourself tempted by others’ high calorie foods in the fridge, reorganize your refrigerator for success by moving those items to the back. Clear out one shelf near the front and fill it with diet-friendly foods and snacks so you’re faced with healthier options when you open the door.
  2. Measure Up
    Keep a measuring scoop in packages of foods that are easy to over-pour. It’s easy to overestimate serving sizes for cereal, rice and oatmeal. Place a ½ cup or full cup scoop right in the box, and you’ll get an accurate amount every time!
  3. Add Mushrooms
    Lower the calories per ounce while and increasing the volume (and nutrition) of your ground turkey or ground chicken by adding fresh diced mushrooms to the meat before cooking. For every cup of meat, add one cup of mushrooms. Doing this will add moisture and flavor.

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