Healthy Shakes® FAQ's

Healthy Shakes Diet Plan

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This program offers flexible eating option for dieters who prefer to choose their own ingredients using the Healthy Shakes diet plan. This plan empowers you to achieve the weight loss you want, and navigate a world full of unhealthy choices. Our research-based approach gives you the tools you need to start building a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

You'll begin with a 2-week kit that includes HMR Shakes, a recipe book, and a support guide. Your first monthly Auto Delivery will begin processing in 2-weeks, followed by automatic ongoing orders every 4-weeks. You can make changes to your upcoming ongoing order in My IHM anytime before the processing date. *SEE OFFER DETAILS



Each day, you’ll eat a minimum of 3 HMR shakes, 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, and 1 healthy meal. You plan, prepare, and cook the healthy meal using guides and strategies - giving you the flexibility to decide exactly what’s on the menu.


This is the ideal plan for who just need the tools to get the job done. This program includes support guides and strategies for low-calorie meal preparation, getting physical activity, and dealing with challenging food environments.


You can’t diet forever, and we don’t want you to. That’s why we designed this program with such a strong focus on using strategies that work best for you. Lose the weight, then help to keep it off by using the skills that you've learned.

*Offer Details

Special price of $111.15 is for standard 2-week Healthy Shakes Kit with Auto Delivery ($126.90 for lactose-free kit). Offer cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. Purchase of this Kit enrolls you in our auto-delivery program, which is required to receive the special price and free shipping. (Standard discount on this Kit with auto delivery is 10% off list price plus free shipping.) With auto delivery, we’ll automatically bill you for, and send you a 4-week supply of HMR foods every 28 days $160.65 (standard) or $211.50 (lactose-free), until you cancel. You must be at least 18 years old to enroll. Offer does not apply to previous orders and cannot be combined with other discounts. No substitutions. Free shipping applies to orders shipped via regular UPS Ground in the contiguous U.S. You must pay any sales tax. You are free to cancel at any time, for any reason, by contacting Customer Service or online in My IHM on your Program Settings page. For more details about our auto-delivery program, click here.

Auto delivery orders (ongoing orders) automatically includes a 10% member discount on shakes, soups, cereals plus free shipping.